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Summary | The 2nd China-US Academic Technology Tra

Summary | The 2nd China-US Academic Technology Transfer and Innovation Cooperation Conference in Suzhou

Address:苏州 Time:2017.07.17

The 2nd China-US Academic Technology Transfer and Innovation Cooperation Conference, which was hosted by the Head of Talents Work Office in Suzhou and Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Suzhou, and jointly organized by International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN) and Suzhou Center for China-US University Technology Transfer & Innovation Cooperation, was successfully held in Suzhou Cultral Expo Center on July 10th. In the morning, the main conference delivered several thoughtful and practical news, such as standardization of China’s international technology transfer market, attention-needing matters in China-US broader incubator project, cooperation between Science Magazine and Chinese scientists, and so on. These topics provide a new way of thinking for technology transfer professionals and present a great start in China-US international talents and project cooperation.

Suzhou International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Incubator Seminar in the afternoon is planned to be pre-investigation for launching the overseas incubator center. Suggestions from domestic and foreign experts facilitate Suzhou to further understand the relevant conditions and requirements of overseas setup. 19 units of carriers, investment organizations, universities and enterprises attended the signing ceremony of Suzhou International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Incubator Alliance (excluding units with intention), which attracted a number of partners for Suzhou.

International Technology Transfer and Innovation Talent Matchmaking Convention concurrently held in this afternoon is divided into Project Roadshow and Matchmaking. It has collected every key factor in cross-border technology transfer, and made full use of all resources in the international technology transfer market, motivating both the supplier and demander’s enthusiasm so as to create a favorable environment for technology matchmaking. Besides, the foreign quality projects (mainly from U.S) are introduced into Suzhou to match with the improved supply chain systems and entrepreneurship-based cases, with generating the interactive influences, which will practically promote China-US cooperation and project landing.


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